Filipino Divorce

by Patrick on 06/28/2011

The Philippines is now virtually the last nation on Earth that prohibits divorce. (Vatican City also disallows divorce.) This is, of course, enormously detrimental to countless Filipino women and children who are trapped in abusive marriages or who have been abandoned by a heartless husband/father. There is currently a bill in the Philippine Congress to address this injustice, but it faces fierce and concerted opposition.

I’m working on a logo for a group that supports this bill:

The sun and star elements are from the Filipino flag, as are the colors. The sun, being cut off on the bottom, represents rising hope for families suffering under the archaic law that imprisons them. This is a work in progress.

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Goodbye to a Dear, Dear Friend

by Patrick on 06/11/2011

With heavy heart I must report that exactly one month ago God saw fit to take my dear friend, Maggie (also know as “Choco”) away from me. She finally succumbed to cancer on May 14 at 7:04 PM. She was twelve years old (84 in our years).

The photo above was taken as I spent my last moments with her before she was euthanized. The tumor in her abdomen had almost burst through the skin, and she was suffering terribly, unable to eat, drink, or walk. She went on her last hike in the woods she loved so much just two days before she died. I cannot properly express how painful her loss is and how dearly I miss her. The emptiness she left behind is vast and profound. I pray that our animals do have an immortal soul, that she is now happy and free from pain, and that we will meet again. She was such a good dog, and such a huge part of me.

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Work of Heart

by Patrick on 07/13/2010

For my wonderful girl’s birthday. :)

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“It was all in fun, I didn’t hurt no one…”


Saw Drive-By Truckers in Boston last week. Awesome as always. If you love great rock music and having a good time, you really should get out and see DBT. Seriously.

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Happy April Cool Day


Anyone notice the funky new logo design at YouTube comprised of many numeral ones? It denotes a new option to view videos as ASCII code or, as YouTube is calling it, TEXTp. It’s purportedly saves YouTube money on bandwidth, but it appears to be an April fools joke. Whatever the reason for its introduction, it’s […]

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Random iPhone Image


On my way to work this morning (well, actually, on my one from one of my jobs to the other), I saw this somwhat interesting sight: Your guess is as good as mine.

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